Things To Bring For Your First Week In Your New Home
Posted Tuesday June 28, 2022 in Home Improvement, Real Estate

The process of moving into your first home can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Put aside these items before packing all your belongings into boxes so you will have everything you need the moment you arrive at your new home. Dishes and Utensils You will most likely wrap the breakable tableware into […]

Useful Home Features For Pet Owners
Posted Tuesday June 14, 2022 in Home Improvement, Real Estate

When looking for a new home, pets play a very important role in the decision making process. During the pandemic, more Americans have become pet owners, and they’re prioritizing their pets’ needs when looking for a home or rental. Now, more and more, pet owners say that they’d be willing to move to accommodate their […]

Get The Most Out Of Your House Tour
Posted Tuesday June 7, 2022 in Real Estate

The process of buying your first home can be exciting. Once you’ve found a home you’re interested in online, schedule a tour as soon as possible but don’t get caught up in the excitement or you may miss some important details about the house. Do some research and take notes Most of the time you’ll […]

Winning A Bidding War
Posted Tuesday May 31, 2022 in Real Estate

Knowing everything about real estate bidding wars can help you make an offer that sellers won’t refuse when the housing market is aggressive. Start with a real estate agent who specializes in your local market and puts finding you a home at the top of their list. Your agent can help you understand the differences […]

Buying A House With Solar Panels
Posted Friday May 13, 2022 in Home Improvement, Real Estate

Is buying a home with solar panels the right choice for you? Currently, solar power accounts for just 3.9 percent of total U.S. electricity generation, but that number is rapidly growing. Ultimately, there are a few things to consider when determining if the house you are shopping for should be equipped with solar panels or […]

Never Skip The Home Inspection
Posted Friday April 8, 2022 in Real Estate

When you’re buying a house, especially during a hot market, it may be tempting to forego certain steps to expedite the process. Waiving a home inspection, however, is never going to be a good idea. Here are some reasons why you should never skip the home inspection. Weakened Negotiations After a home inspection is completed, […]

Things To Look For When Buying Your First House
Posted Thursday March 10, 2022 in Real Estate

Real estate newbies are so excited when purchasing their first home that they often overlook key aspects of the property before signing on the dotted line. Sometimes wearing those rose-colored glasses can have costly outcomes making the dream of owning their first house become more like a nightmare. To assure your story has a happy […]

Things To Know If You’re Still Renting
Posted Thursday February 24, 2022 in Real Estate

As a renter, you face the same question on some sort of recurring basis (depending on your lease tenure): keep renting for another year or purchase a home? Your answer obviously depends on your current situation and future plans, but there are a number of benefits to homeownership every renter needs to consider. Here are […]

Ways To Utilize Your Home Equity
Posted Thursday February 10, 2022 in Mortgage, Real Estate

Your equity is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals as a homeowner. And chances are, your equity grew substantially over the past year. According to the latest Equity Insights Report from CoreLogic, homeowners gained an average of $51,500 in equity over the past year. If you’re looking for the best ways […]

Should We Wait Till After The Wedding To Buy A House?
Posted Thursday February 3, 2022 in Real Estate

Lately, more and more couples want to experience what it’s like to live together prior to getting married. For many it makes sense to jump right in, stop renting and buy a house-but does it really? There are a few things unmarried couples need to consider before making one of the most important financial decisions […]

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